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Pablo is a very laid-back, mellow cat. He is generally kind-hearted and not too naughty, which is fortunate since he's quite a charmer and can get away with just about anything by looking innocent.

Pablo likes to dabble with a little bit of mischief. He also fancies himself an artist and likes also to paint with brush or tail. He's not really much of a talker.

Being mostly a loner, he doesn't talk much to other cats. Occasionally, Pablo visits Phil, the Philodendron-Plant whose window-sill mate happens to be Zach an African Grey parrot. Both Phil and Zach live in the window sill of a house in the neighborhood. Pablo will stop on the sill to discuss life and philosophy with Phil, before entering the house in search of chocolate or paints.

Pablo has a nose for fresh baked pastries and mochas. He especially likes the mochas that he gets when he visits Babem at the café shop.

In between his wanderings, Pablo likes to paint fabulous Jackson Pollock style paintings, using only his tail and paints. His biggest fans are the local finches which really like his art.


Pablo the Cat Painting

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