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Badgee Badger



Badgee is Babem's pet Badger, a surly, low-to-the-ground, fuzzy, mean, digging machine. He is a terse, observer of life, occasionally responding to it with growls, and violent wavings of his long sharp claws.

He spends most of his time digging, rooting around in the garden or yard, and waddling about looking for the next digging spot. He loves finding or creating the perfect hole for curling up and sleeping in. That is, when he's not in the happily oblivious grip of Babem, who loves to drag him around and talk to him. Though Badgee is not normally social and dislikes folks in general, he is grudgingly accepting of her affections.

Badgee doesn't say much. Sometimes he has a grumbling conversation with Angie-Doll.

He has no fear, though he dislikes having his digging interrupted.


Badgee Badger Sleeping on a Rock

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