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Boyee Eating Cookies


Boyee Holding Flower


Boyee Holding Flowers


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Boyee is the nicest boy on the block. He's more of a country-boy, whereas his girlfriend Babem is a city girl. Sometimes he doesn't understand her, but he is always patient and content. He is protective of Babem, though he does have a mischievous side and a quick wit. He is also a computer wiz.

Boyee loves to do things with Babem, especially things out of doors, and involving adrenaline. He loves to ride and tinker on his motorcycle, and he loves to paraglide. His favorite foods are fruit pies, cookies, & curry. He lives down the street from Babem. He is a thinker and as such is always pondering logical solutions to the world's problems, be they engineering, mechanical, or humanitarian. When he's not in school, or hanging out with Babem, he interns at a software company.

Boyee dislikes mean people, and stupid people, and refuses to contemplate politics. He also dislikes people driving badly.


Boyee and Babem Riding Motorcycle

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