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Our Story...

As with all good things, Doodlez Studios had its beginnings from the heart.

Inspired by her husband, and the joys of friendship, Amy scribbled out collections of drawings on whiteboards, lunch bags, memos and other random items.

The art was well received. So she hit upon the idea that other folks would enjoy her art. This eventually led to the formation of Doodlez Studios in order to better share her artwork with others.

Thus became Doodlez, created (fall 2002) for the purpose of bringing life to ideas, thoughts, and passions through the magic of paper & pen, paint & brush, origami, and whatever else Amy can get her hands on.

Here’s to growing from our beginnings!

About the Artist: Amy Badger

Owner, Artistic and Licensing Director

With her artistic roots in Redmond , Washington, Amy's professional knowledge stems from 9 years of study under Doris Jean Colvin in pastels, oil and water color, and 20 years artistic training overall in various state and local programs. She as had sculptural and visual works displayed at various public and private venues. Her art has won awards and accolades, and has been published in various periodicals.

Amy is a graduate of University of Washington with a BS in biochemistry and a BS in computer science. She has more than 6 years experience in technical leadership, as well as software development .

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