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Mac the Duck Standing


Mac the Duck Swimming


Mac the Duck Talking With Zac the Parrot



Mac is the resident duck who lives in a pond in the neighborhood park, around the corner from Babem's house. At times he can be a little a strange. He's a free-ranging duck who is super smart (for a duck) with a penchant for waging warfare against a local gaggle of swans.

Is Mac an extra-terrestrial? Perhaps so. Occasionally, he has mysterious out-of-town friends who visit. Why is he on this planet? Doubtless curiosity about humans and love of chocolate!

Mac likes to hang out in his pond, sunbathe, and people-watch while grazing on sandwiches.

His parrot friend, Zach, lives in a cage in the window of a local house. Mac pities Zach's captivity and Zach pities his lack of security, but envies his freedom and frequently asks about life outside. Mac is always asking the parrot about his household, and his happy drugs.



Mac the Duck in a Pond

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